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Reverend Ricky Edwards takes us throughout The Word to demonstrate how to properly operate in The Kingdom of God. One of the first issues we face is our words.  When Jesus said "You have not because you ask not." we sometimes get a mindset to ask for our needs only in prayer. Reverend Ricky works to make us understand the power of our words in our whole life and the lives of those with whom we interact.  We learn that not only do our words impact our physical life, they can advance or retard our spiritual life as well.

Because God gave us the power of naming things, we are constantly calling conditions into our lives based on words we use. When we speak without thinking, God still honors His Word and brings forth  what we say, according to His Will.  Reverend Ricky brings these things to mind as he tries to reorient us into speaking The Kingdom into our lives on a full time basis.  We can only be effective if we work inside the framework Jesus made for us as subjects of His Kingdom.  We were given all the rules in His Word and if we follow them we will speak with the power and authority, making manifest the Glory of The Lord in our daily lives.

This is just a small glimpse of the two messages Reverend Ricky delivered to us on May 20, 2018. We hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed and profited from his visit to Kingman Arizona.

We thank Reverend Ricky for traveling to us in order that we may grow in strength, grace, and love as we learn to live in The Kingdom of God.

Guest Speaker: Rev. Ricky Edwards

Text:  Various and Sundry

May 20th 2018

  • Learning to live in The Kingdom55:05

  • Learning to live in The Kingdom - 21:19:00