On Communion Sunday, Pastor Pearl reminds us of the Holiness of The Lords Supper. We must understand that this observance is not just ritual, it is a sacred duty, performed as directed by Jesus Himself. If we are to Honor The Lord, and to Respect The New Covenant, we MUST come to Communion with our heart prepared to receive the love and sacrifice Our Lord poured out for us.

Pastor Pearl shows us that to come to Communion is dangerous and even foolhardy if we do not understand that this is not just unleavened bread and juice, it becomes The Body and Blood of Our Lord we take into us. To do so without having examined our hearts, layed down our sins, and trusted totally in The Lord for our salvation is to neglect a primary duty of our Christian Lives.

God has so many good things for us if we come to The Cross and give up what keeps us from Him.

August 5th 2018


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Speaker Pastor Pearl Taylor
Text:  1 Corinthians 11:24-29