Pastor Barbara Odom of Spirit Life Church in Bullhead City gives us a wonderful message and report of the missions work done on Saint Lucia in the West Indies. While great strides are being made in this part of the world, we are reminded of just how many people world wide do not have access to The Word of God, and of the appalling number of souls that do not know The Name of Jesus. By going into the missions field or supporting those who do, we help to fulfill The Lord's command to "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation." (Mark 16:15 ~NKJV)

Whether we accept it or not, as Americans we are on the hot seat with regards to what we do with what God has given us. Never before has so large a group of people been blessed with such freedom and riches. To fail to use our resources, strength, and will to raise up The Name of Jesus around the world would be a catastrophic blunder on our part. God is calling ALL of us, it may be to come to Jesus, to boldly make His name known through our life and actions,  to go into the missions field, or to support those who do, the call is there... what answer do we choose?

We hope you enjoy the message Pastor Barbara shared with us this day. It will touch your heart and feed your spirit. It will inspire you to go and be a blessing, as you lift up The Lord Jesus Christ. We have included a link to her bullet points as an extra blessing along with this audio recording.

There is Heavenly Treasure to be had in The Harvest. Use your talents to The Glory of God, the rewards are both unimaginable and eternal.

August 19th 2018

Speaker Pastor Barbara Odom
Text:  Romans 10:14-15; various and sundry other scriptures

Barbara Odom's notes on this message

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