Speaker Pastor Marta Harvey
Text: Psalm 51, 2 Samuel 11

Pastor Marta Harvey speaks today on the condition of our hearts. Highlighting David's sins with Bathsheba and his arranging the death of Uriah to cover up his transgressions, Pastor Marta addresses the condition of David's heart. The same separation from God that David felt after his sins can happen to us when we chose to ignore The Holy Spirit. If we turn our backs on something God wants us to do, or choose to sin in spite of his love, we put distance between ourselves and God. Thankfully, Jesus said He would never leave us or forsake us, and God's forgiveness is unconditional when we give ourselves to His Son. We WILL make mistakes, but just as we forgive and love our children, God forgives and Loves us. So when The Holy Spirit brings us conviction to us, we need to repent and ask God to clean our hearts. Pastor Marta asks us to be quick to repent, to be quick to Love, to be slow to judge and to be slower still to anger. When we fix our hearts on Jesus, He will renew our hearts, and we will bring His Love to everyone in our lives.

September 30th 2018


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