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Alvaro and Zarai Rodas

Norm and Pearl Taylor

Norm and Pearl Taylor have been in ministry for 25 years. Norm was born and raised on a farm in Indiana. He comes from a rich heritage of family members in ministry, with four relatives in full time ministry. Pearl was born and raised in Phoenix Arizona and has been involved in ministry most of her adult life. She is a certified Christian Counselor. They are both ordained ministers with the International Foursquare Church. They have pastored Hilltop Foursquare in Kingman AZ since 1998. They have four grown children and 11 grandchildren.

Pastors Emeritus

Merle and Kathy Quimby

Pastor Merle was converted to Christ in 1953 after he and Kathy were married a short while. They soon found themselves in Ministry as they answered the call from the Lord. Pastor Merle attended LIFE Bible College in Los Angeles, California and was licensed by the Foursquare Organization in 1958 and ordained in 1968. The Quimbys have served in ministry for over 50 years. They have pastored in Henderson, NV; Santa Rosa, CA; Cabazon, CA; Williams, AZ; Las Vegas, NV; and Kingman, AZ. They have spent 27 years full-time pastoring here in Kingman and decided to remain here after retirement In 1998 Pastor Merle stepped down as Senior Pastor; giving place to our present Pastors, Norm and Pearl Taylor.
It is a pleasure for the Quimby's to serve under the Taylor’s ministry; and they are delighted at the growth and direction the church is taking at Norm and Pearl Taylor’s able direction.
Pastors Merle and Kathy have 3 children, 12 grandchildren, and at last count, 19 great-grandchildren.


Senior Pastors