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Pearl shares about prayer, a hurricane, and lost travelers.

  • Testimony about a little girl healed0:55

  • Hurricane Michael & The Travelers Testimony8:15


At the January Men's Breakfast Bob Pace shared about an issue every Christian deals with throughout their walk, unforgiveness. He reminds us that among the people we must forgive, we mustn't forget ourselves.

  • Oxygen testimony2:27

Buddie Knutson speaking at the November Men's Breakfast brings us advice and encouragement on the gates we must control to live in the manner Our Lord requires of us. Thank You Buddie, and we also Thank the wonderful Ladies for feeding us so well.

At the April 2019 Men's Breakfast, Josiah Santana brings a message to us titled "What is the Will of God?" We think you will enjoy this word from Brother Josiah as much as we did.

  • Hip Adjusted1:14

  • What is the Will of God?24:59

  • The testimony of A.J.22:18

Ray shares about a healing during the worship service. Kneeling during a song, his hip is adjusted before he stands at the end of the song.

The testimony of Merlene Justice. A powerful witness about delivery and salvation.

  • Unforgiveness11:16

Jan shares about how The Lord's Love manifests at her workplace.

  • Testimony of Merlene Justice4:32

  • The testimony of Miguel Escobar2:41

At the July 2019 Men's Breakfast two men, A.J. Jensen and Miguel Escobar shared testimonies and blessed those that attended.

Norm shares about the healing of a baby girl.

  • Jan's Testimony6:09

  • The 747 Dream7:41

Pastor Julie shares with us a dream about unity in our church and the danger of the church body being fragmented.

Ray shares about being delivered from oxygen and pain from a bad hip.

  • Gates and Gatekeepers23:04