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Speaker Pastor Norm Taylor
Text:  John 5:1-15

Continuing in the theme of Healing and Miracles, today Pastor Norm reminds us that it requires faith on our part to receive our healing. In this message we review the healing of the invalid at the Pool of Bethesda. We look at the difference between Mercy and Grace, and how each of them benefits us. We hear about the results of sin in our lives and how that can lead to a spiritual illness and disability. Without Jesus' healing of our Spirit, there is no point in having a healing in our bodies. Pastor Norm talks about the lies and tricks used by devil to keep us from receiving the gifts and blessings of God. What matters most in life is that the mercy Jesus poured out upon us IS available to anyone that will accept Him and the Grace of The Father. Jesus came seeking us, not because we are worthy, but because of His Love and compassion. We can do no less that share this gift with everyone. The outpouring of The Spirit is upon us, share the blessing and be blessed yourselves.

Healing is not just on the physical level,

we want to be whole in Spirit, Mind, and Body.


July 25th 2018

  • MIRACLES 1011:00:00